A Healthy New Year!

A new year feels like a fresh start.

I have not made a blog post for a whole year!   I kind of got away from blogs last year.  I do want to have an outlet for my health/weight loss progress, so I am going to try and post more this year.

The past couple years have been frustrating for me as far as weight loss goes.  As you saw from my post last January, I had gained 20lbs in 2012,  but not clothing sizes.   Between January and June of 2013, I gained another 10 lbs, and went up a half a size in clothing.   Starting the first of June I hired a new personal trainer in through the Y.  I really ended up liking this trainer.   He helped me stabilize my metabolism so my weight didn’t fluctuate so much. To do this I actually cut back on my cardio, added weights and increased the amount of calories I was eating.  With the exception of a couple lbs of normal fluctuation, I have been the same weight since June.    Apparently my body was in starvation mode.

My new trainer left the Y in July then moved to Montana in November.    I decided to continue to work with remotely and I just started an 8 week training/food program with him in December.   It is very different than what I was used to.  Instead of focusing on calories, I am looking at fats/carbs/proteins.  And eating 6 meals per day making sure to follow the correct number of each of these macros.   It takes a lot of planning ahead.  I probably spend 30-40 minutes a day making sure I am sticking to the program.    I sit down and plan out my food day one day at a time.    And do more cooking ahead to have food prepared for the week.  On top of the food plan, I am also doing weights 3x per week, and for cardio I do HIIT (High intensity interval training) 2x per week, and one day of steady state cardio.      My trainer adjusts the macros/activity each week based on my results.  We are trying to find the correct combination to help me break through the plateau.   I hope to see the lbs start to drop this year!

Here is to a Healthy New Year!

The Constant Battle

Living Healthy is a constant battle.  As a mathemetician, I completely get the concept of the basic math..to lose weight, your calories going out need to be more than your calories going in.   In practice it is a lot harder than just an addition or subtraction problem.

Food is a constant battle, especially because it is such a social thing to do.  Making the right choice is not always easy.  I have steared away from processed foods as much as possible, and increased my fruit and vegetable intake.

This past year has been a constant battle, and not necessarily successful in the numbers, but successful in a lot of other ways.


  • My heart and lungs seem healthier – last year, I could only swim 4 laps of the basic front crawl before I was out of breath, now I can easily do 16.
  • My clothing size has not gone up!
  • I have gained a lot of strength in my core.


  • My Clothing size has not gone down.
  • My weight has gone up 20lbs from last year (I imagine alot of this is muscle since my clothing size has not gone up, but I am sure some is not)
  • Frustration level went way up!!

Going Forward this year…

Exercise has never been a problem for me, I do a lot of exercise, and I have become very active over the past couple years.  I had started training for a mini tri last year, and didn’t follow up with it.   I restarted that training, and am hoping to do one on my own this year.

I did join Weight Watchers online to see if that will help with my food intake.  I am hoping to be more aware of my hunger, and only eating when I am actually hungry.  I also want to be careful of my portion sizes.  Perhaps this will help with the weight loss battle.

I hope that if I continue to do my best and make the right choices the majority of the time the weight will eventually start dropping!

Wish me luck.

Greek Salad with Tuna

Greek Salad With Tuna recipe


2 tsp olive oil

2 tsp white wine vinegar

1/2 tsp dried basil (I used about a Tbsp of Fresh)

salt & pepper to taste


3 Cups lettuce

6 black olives

1/2 c chopped tomatos

1/2 c chopped cucumbers

1 Tbsp feta cheese

1/2 c cooked whole wheat couscous

2.5 oz tuna


Flash the Hiking Dog!



Flash has quickly become my best Hiking Buddy this spring!  We have been going over to Whitewater State Park and investigating the trails they have over there.    First we started out nice and easy with the “Meadow” Trail.   This past Saturday we were a bit more adventurous and hiked part of the “Dakota” trail.  It started out hiking up a plethora of stairs!  Way too many to count!  Once we got to the top, we followed a narrow path with beautiful overlooks.   Flash was having a blast!  When I would stop to rest he would look at me as if to say “Come ON Mom…lets go!!!”



Flash would just be trotting along following the trails.  When he got to a fork in the trail, he would pick one and keep going.  Sometimes he would check to see which way we were going to go first and sometime he didn’t. He somehow always knew the correct trail, even when it took me a while to look at the map and figure it out!






We climbed over rocks, and roots, and around trees.

We climbed way up, and saw some incredible views!





We climbed down, and down, and finally got to Flash’s absolute favorite part of any hike…getting to the swimming hole at the end to cool off!
I would not be surprised if that is why he never wanted to stop and rest, because he just KNEW there would be swimming up ahead!!

I am looking forward to many more hiking adventure with my hiking buddy Flash this summer!




Time for an update!

It has been since January since I have blogged!  I think it is about time for an update!

How about that bucket list:  I have put a description of where I am at in red Italics by each item below

  1. Read 75 books – As of today, I have am on book #35, so I am making good progress toward that goal.
  2. Learn to play Guitar – My time has not allowed me to start this one yet.
  3. Lose 30 lbs – see next section below
  4. Travel somewhere new – This one will likely be a short trip this year, and not a major one as I had originally intended.  I am hoping to combine it with a bike or kayak trip!
  5. Go on a retreat – aiming for womens retreat at my church this fall
  6. Do my own Triathalon Sprint – Swim ½ mile, Bike 12 miles, Run 5K – see next section below
  7. Explore a New State Bike Trail  – will do this summer
  8. Take a Kayaking Trip – will do this summer, have already been out a couple times
  9. Go Camping – first camping date scheduled for weekend of June 8th
  10. Find something to be involved with at Church – still looking for something that fits me and my schedule
Exercise and Weight Loss: (#3 & #6)
I had a bit of a setback in my training and weight loss journey, and have put on a few pounds since January.   I am back on top of things again and headed back in the right direction.   Having nice weather has helped quite a bit because I get out and enjoy being active.  My latest plan is to Swim, Run & Bike at least 1x per week.  I  do weights 2x per week, and on those days I either run, go for a hike or a walk with Flash.  Fridays I play softball, and the weekends are an adventurous mix of things.   This past weekend for example, I did a 90 minute challenging hike on Saturday at Whitewater State Park with Flash.  Sunday, Mike and I went out Kayaking for 4 hours.  Tracking my food and getting plenty of water is also part of my plan.   As far as training for a Mini Triathlon goes… I am still working toward it, but it will be going more slowly than I had originally planned.  I hope to do one by the end of summer, beginning of Fall.
Now… if only we could add more weekends to the summer!! Mine are filling up quickly!!