40 miles at once!

Yesterday I went biking with a good friend from College.  We went and biked the Cannon Valley Trail that goes from Cannon Falls to Red Wing, MN.  We did the WHOLE thing which was 40 miles total.   The last 10 miles were hard, but we did it!  That was the longest ride I have ever done.  It makes me confident I can do the 100 miles in 2 days next summer, especially if I keep training!


I am starting to feel like an athlete again and it feels great!  Now I am going to do something crazy and add running to my training schedule.  I am not sure exactly what I am thinking here, because I don’t love running like I love biking.  BUT, I am going to try and run a 5K in October.   I haven’t explored this previously due to ankle injuries, but now my ankle seems to be doing well, so I am going to start a Couch to 5K program this week.   I found a cool app for my phone that is a training program for couch to 5K and will alert me when to switch between running and walking that should make it easy to track 🙂    I still have my weight routine from my trainer as well.   So I plan to do weights and running on the same day, and biking on the alternate days.  All this exercise takes a lot of time, but it is totally worth it to see the results!