The Exercise Itch

It is amazing how when you are unable to do something for a few days, it makes you want to do it really badly.   Apparently I have gotten in the habit of exercising, and when I can’t it drives me nuts!   I have been oncall with pager duty the past few days, and when this happens I have to be able to answer a call within 5 minutes of getting it.   So it makes it tough to go out for a run.   I am sitting here in my workout clothes waiting for the meeting when I hand the pager off to someone else so that I can go out for my run.  (Then go run errands and get groceries ha ha)     I registered for 2 more races, the Hastings 8K Glow Run in July, and a 10 mile run in September.

  • Resolution Run (5K) – Dec 31 – This one was COLD and icy…so my time was not great 50 minutes roughly.
  • Unleash the She (10K) –  April 26 –  Rochester – DONE! Finish Time: 1:34:05
  • Med City Marathon Relay – (2nd leg – 7.2 miles)   May 24 Rochester Finish Time: 1:46:38
  • Hastings Glo Run (8K) July 16  -Registered
  • Women Run the Cities (10 Mile) – Sept 27th – Registered
  • Monster Dash (13.1 Miles) – October 31


Another thing I haven’t been able to do is get out on my new bike!  YES…I found a new bike!  I have only been able to get out on it a few times due to rain, and now oncall duties.  I am very antsy to take it on a ride longer than 30 minutes to see how it does



I managed to get a weight workout workout in yesterday while I was stuck at home(boy did that feel awesome!)  It was  a great stress reliever too!   I have been doing a lot of yard work and gardening and housekeeping to keep active.   But I am antsy to do some stronger workouts again!