Success at Med-City Relay

I had a great weekend this past weekend!   I ran the Med-City relay with some super fun ladies.


IMG_2535I ran the second leg of the relay which was 7.14 miles.  This in itself was a personal record on distance for me.   I also had another personal record in that I ran it in 1:46:38, which is under a 15 min mile!   14:55 to be exact.   Looking at my splits I had some that were slower and some that were faster, but they averaged out to a great time.  I was so excited I could push myself harder to get a great pace by the end.


Med City 2014

I was reflecting back on last year when I ran the 5k, I could barely make it through to the end of the 3.2 miles with a time of 48:24. My pace for that one was 15.12 minutes per mile.  So I have made some improvements.


Med City 2015