The New Plan

I am definitely feeling really good right now.   I am nearly 13lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of the year, have lots of energy because I am eating right, and I keep breaking my own personal records.   I logged my longest distance on Sunday with a 7.15 mile run.   Right now I feel like I can do anything. It is a great feeling – an “Athletes High”!

I have made a decision not to try and compete in any triathlons this summer, and just continue to focus on my running this year.    I didn’t come to this decision lightly.   There were two main reasons I came to the decision that I did.   First,  it made more sense to spend more time running to get ready for the half marathon, than to split my workout time between biking, swimming and running.     While I still do bike and swim for cross training and to keep in shape.. the focus is on the running right now.     Second, and probably the biggest reason, we are trying to get our house ready for sale.  If I am spending my time training, I won’t have the time to get everything done I need to with the house.    I didn’t want to drive myself too crazy trying to do it all.

Instead I have decided to pick up and change my racing schedule a bit.    I am going to try and do a 10 miler in August, and do a half marathon for the Monster Dash.   So that would be my first half, and I would get a trial one in before flying down to Florida to do the Disney Princess.  I think it makes sense to do it this way.     I may pick up a couple more 5ks this summer too depending on schedule & timing, and which ones my crazy friends want to do 😀

So new plan is something like this: (with a couple misc other races thrown in this summer)

  • Resolution Run (5K) – Dec 31 – This one was COLD and icy…so my time was not great 50 minutes roughly.
  • Unleash the She (10K) –  April 26 –  Rochester – DONE! Finish Time: 1:34:05
  • Med City Marathon Relay – (2nd leg – 7.2 miles)   May 24 Rochester Finish Time: 1:46:38
  • Rochester 10 and 10 (10 mile) August 16
  • Big Woods Run (10K) – October 11 – or perhaps a different fall one this one is still up in the air
  • Monster Dash (13.1 Miles) – October 31
  • Disney Princess Half (13.1 Miles ) – Feb 2016

Then Next Year, after the Disney Princess is done I will focus on training for 2-3 Tri’s in the summer.   This will also be dependent on if/when we move, but for now it is a tentative plan.

  • Rochesterfest Triathlon – June 2016
  • Toughman MN  – Chisago City – July 2016
  • Brewhouse Triathlon – Duluth – August 2016