I’m In Training – Week 1

My first week of training went well.   I have to admit, I underestimated my abilities, and I am in better shape than I thought I was in.      I adjusted my training plan a bit to compensate for this fact and make it more challenging.   I am sure I will make more adjustments as I go along.  I also started tracking my times and am keeping a pace log.  This way I can estimate my race time, and work on improving in time as well as distance.

This week’s training completed:

  • 2 days weight training
  • 1 day swim – 10 laps  which is just over .25 mile. (18 laps is half mile)
  • 1 brick : 8 mile bike ride followed by 1.5 mile run.

Being “In Training” helped me to want to stick to my food plan as well.  I had a couple of days that were a little off plan (a bit higher fat content & calories than I hand planned), but my calories out were more than my calories in every day this week.