Finding the “Time”

How often have we planned a workout early morning, and instead of getting up to do it rolling over and hitting the snooze button?

I have struggled off an on with “when” to do my workouts for a very long time.  The winter is especially tough because during the majority of the daylight hours I am working, as are most people.    My first plan was to enlist a workout buddy to force me to go.   While this works pretty well, if my buddy decides to cancel,  I still have to force myself to go.

I have one buddy who likes to go in the morning before work.  This is great for her, but I struggle to get up early in the morning.  If she didn’t come pick me up, there would be no way I would get myself out of bed to go.   I did go with her for a while but it was hard to keep up the routine when she could no longer go.    I would have to get up at 4:30 or so in order to get breakfast and a cup of coffee in me before she picked me up at 5:15am.  I have made the mistake of exercising without any food in my stomach, and i get dizzy if I try that.  Then I would get through my workout in a daze, not sure if I was the most effective when I was half asleep.

I have another buddy who likes to workout before bed because it makes her tired.   Again, this does not work for me.  By the time 7 or 8 rolls around, I am already tired and ready for PJs.  I have gone with her a few times as well.  First, getting up the energy to leave the house, much less getting the energy for a good workout was really hard.   Plus working out invigorates me, and does not make me tired.  So it would keep me up extra hours and I would not get enough sleep.    An additional item I did not like about going at this time, besides the fact I am already exhausted from a long day, was that this was one of the busiest times of the day at the gym.  I am ok doing my workout with other people around, but I like to have space as well, especially when doing free weights.

Last week it dawned on me that I needed to find a better time to go to the gym.  One that works for me, even if my buddies decide not to go.   I decided to start going over lunch.   I found a buddy to go with me too, which is great.   For the first time, when my buddy was not able to go with, I STILL WENT!!   I know many people do not have the luxury of being able to take a long lunch break.  I am thankful I do because I think this is going to be a sustainable practice for me to go during my lunch break.     I am awake enough that I get a great workout in.  I have plenty of time to get food in my stomach before I go.   It is a great way for a mental break in the day, and I am not so exhausted that I am effective in my workout.   Then I go back to work in the afternoon with a renewed energy to keep me going the rest of the workday.

Everyone has their own “time” that fits them best.  I hope that you make the effort to find yours 🙂  It has made all the difference for me.