Flash the Hiking Dog!



Flash has quickly become my best Hiking Buddy this spring!  We have been going over to Whitewater State Park and investigating the trails they have over there.    First we started out nice and easy with the “Meadow” Trail.   This past Saturday we were a bit more adventurous and hiked part of the “Dakota” trail.  It started out hiking up a plethora of stairs!  Way too many to count!  Once we got to the top, we followed a narrow path with beautiful overlooks.   Flash was having a blast!  When I would stop to rest he would look at me as if to say “Come ON Mom…lets go!!!”



Flash would just be trotting along following the trails.  When he got to a fork in the trail, he would pick one and keep going.  Sometimes he would check to see which way we were going to go first and sometime he didn’t. He somehow always knew the correct trail, even when it took me a while to look at the map and figure it out!






We climbed over rocks, and roots, and around trees.

We climbed way up, and saw some incredible views!





We climbed down, and down, and finally got to Flash’s absolute favorite part of any hike…getting to the swimming hole at the end to cool off!
I would not be surprised if that is why he never wanted to stop and rest, because he just KNEW there would be swimming up ahead!!

I am looking forward to many more hiking adventure with my hiking buddy Flash this summer!