My Bucket List for 2012

Happy New Year!

So this year I thought about doing new years resolutions, but instead decided to make myself a bucket list of things I want to do this year.  It is not huge by any means, but I thought it might be kind of fun!

Right now, I have 10 items on my list.   I may add too it, but I think this will keep me busy for this year.

  1. Read 75 books (I read a lot, figured I would track how many I actually do in a year, and keep a list of them all. Not sure I will do 75, but we will see how close I will get)
  2. Learn to play Guitar
  3. Lose 30 lbs
  4. Travel somewhere new
  5. Go on a retreat
  6. Do my own Triathalon Sprint – Swim ½ mile, Bike 12 miles, Run 5K
  7. Explore a New State Bike Trail
  8. Take a Kayaking Trip
  9. Go Camping
  10. Find something to be involved with at Church


I have already started on a couple of these items.

#1  I am always reading a book.  Started off the Year at the end of a series reading Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

#2  Thanks to a little bonus for being at my company for 5 years, I bought myself an acoustic guitar.  I am going to try and teach myself how to play.

#3  A constant battle, but continuing my work from last year. I am tracking my food, and exercising. My goal this year is to try to plan meals more as opposed to winging it most of the time

#6  I am currently training for my Triathalon Sprint, which I will hopefully be able to do beginning of March.

I look forward to 2012 and checking these things off my list!