My Two Cents..


Take a moment to think about your life and what is important to you.  We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  Work, schedules, to do lists… what is important to you?

What is important to me?  My Family, My Friends, My Health – both mental and physical!


If only there were more time in the day.   Think about what you do with your time?  Is that really what you want to spend it doing?

I have been thinking about these things a lot, especially with Christmas coming up!    Some days I don’t have time to sit down and just relax (much less create a blog post, or check Facebook) until it is almost bed time.   I remember when I was young and had time to explore all my hobbies…music, painting and drawing, crafts, quilting, playing sports.    I  have been trying to find ways to get back into all those fun things.  I have found I need pick and choose.   I have noticed lately that catching that TV show I have been watching has just not been as important to me.   I have already started adding exercise back in, and a lot of my crafts.  (Yay for every other Monday Girls Night Craft Club!) Now to find a way to add music back in….

An update on my exercise – for those who are interested, I have been keeping up with my exercise.  I still have been running, though not as frequently, since I have had to move inside.  I have been running a couple times a week.    I am alternating that with swimming and cycling at the Y, and doing weights at home.    Flash is very insistent on going for walks.  He pretty much forces me to go at least 2 times a week.  I need to get some grippers for my shoes so we can walk when it is icy out.    I am hoping to do some cross country skiing this winter as well.  I will have to see if my old skis still work!

I better get going, My niece, Allison, is wanting to type on the computer!  But that is just my two cents for the day..