The Do Nothing Day

It has been a month since I have written a blog post!   People think that once summer is over the hectic evenings and weekends slow down.   Not in my life!  I am not sure when the last slow down I had was.  I am very overscheduled!


I knew my summer was going to be busy, so this past spring I decided to implement a “Do nothing day” on my calendar once a month starting in June.  That was  the best idea I had for the summer!   One weekend day each month I blocked off my calendar as a “do nothing” day.   I could not schedule anything that day.    I never actually did “nothing” on those days, but they were days reserved for me to relax and do what I wanted to do.   Sometimes it was work on stuff around the house, sometimes it was sitting back and reading a book all day, sometimes it was going for a long bike ride.  When summer was over, I liked those days so much, I decided I needed to keep them on the calendar!


If you have a lot of stuff going on, and you always seem to be busy, I highly recommend the “Do Nothing Day” to keep yourself sane!