The Routine

My dogs have got my running routine down.  First I take Flash for my run.  I only take Flash because he is a little fluffy like me, and it is MUCH easier to run with just one dog.  Even when I take them both for a walk they compete for who gets to be in front and typically end up pulling the whole way.  When I take Flash alone, there is actually slack in the leash.  Plus it is Flash’s favorite thing to do in the whole world to go for a walk.

While we are gone Alexis impatiently waits by the window for us to get back. I have heard she watches out the window for us the whole time! When we get back from the run both dogs immediately bolt for the back door.  Flash literally jumps into his kiddie pool and transforms into “hippo-flash”.  He lays in the water with just his eyeballs and the tip of his tail sticking up out…he looks like a hippo. Thus the nick-name.

Alexis of coarse grabs her tennis ball and expects to be played with.  For playing fetch is HER favorite thing to do in the whole world.   I throw the ball for her, and throw Flash’s jolly-ball for him.   All the while trying to get my stretching in in between.  This is sometimes tough because they are so demanding!

Post Run Fun

Flash is so happy he tends to get the zoomies! Alexis is so happy she bounces around like a rabbit, and spins in circles in the yard!

The upside of this routine is that Alexis doesn’t get mad any longer when I take Flash for a run…and both dogs are happy and tired.  The down side is that they are starting to EXPECT this EVERY DAY!!  I only run 3 days a week, and on the off days they get a little bit crazy 🙂

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