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The rest of the trip!

Thursday was our second day at Universal Studios.   We spent the morning on the Universal side, and spent the rest of the day at Islands of Adventure.  After leaving the park we had dinner at Olive Garden which was actually an excellent plan.  We were outside of the parks and outside of the chaos.  We had great service and a fabulous meal.      Friday was our day to relax.  We went to Downtown Disney and did some final shopping, and spent a lot of time by the pool!   It was a wonderful vacation, and it was tough to come home.   Sure going to miss the LAZY RIVER!

Day 4

Today was a down day in comparison to some of our other days. We had breakfast in the room then did some shopping at downtown Disney. We had lunch at the Earl of Sandwich at downtown Disney. They had the best sandwiches EVER! So we have added another must stop place to our list! Then we went to see the last Harry Potter Movie in 3D at the Theater at City Walk. That was awesome! We did some shopping over there, then came back to the room. We made shish kabobs for dinner, then went and hung out in the pool, making sure to have another margarita from the bar!

Day 3

Today we spent the morning in the pool and lazy river at the resort! Oh how fun! It has been beautiful down here all week. We went back to the room and had lunch. Them we went to Downtown Disney for ice cream at the Ghiradelli ice cream shop. Then we went down to the Candy Cauldron and picked up our traditional caramel apples for later. We came back to the room and the boys napped while Jody and read our books. We made lasagna for dinner. Then we took off for Mickeys Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom. We had a great time at Disney! Again it is a great way to see magic kingdom! We came home and crashed!

Day 2


We had a fabulous day at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure! We went from 11am until park closing at 7pm! We rode rides, skipping the ones where you get wet! We ate lunch in Toon Town! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Amazing! All of the detail they put into that place was just awesome! Tony is not even a die hard Harry Potter fan and he totally got sucked in to the world. It felt like you are actually in that world. Mike and I bought wands at Ollivanders Wand Shop In Diagon Alley. We all had Butterbeers, and got some fun collecters mugs. Jody, Mike and I went on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride. Tony was not feeling well so he opted out. Mike and Jody LOVED it! I get motion sick (headache and dizzy) on rides where you are moving and there is a movie screen involved. I closed my eyes during those parts and opened them again when the real stuff was back. So I missed half the ride. It was cool, but I will probably not do it again.

We had a bit of an Adventure on the
High in the sky Seuss Trolly Train Ride as well! Tony threw his phone at Cat in the Hat! Well he was trying to take a picture of him and dropped the phone. We had to wait until the park closed at 7 to come back and get it.

On the plus side of this it gave us the chance to go back to Harry Potter when it was less crowded. We got to sit in the Boars Head and have a Boars Head Beer!

After the park closed and we retrieved the phone. We came back to the resort and made a delicious dinner: Beef Wellington, salad, and wine. Then we ended the evening by floating in the Laaaaaazy River and sitting in the Hot tub!

What a perfect Day!


Day 1

Mike and I, and my sister Jody and her husband Tony decided to take a vacation together this year to celebrate our 5 year Anniversaries. What better place to go than Orlando Florida!!

We arrived late last night in Orlando and crashed at the resort. Today, we had a busy first day! The first order of business was to go get groceries. We made a trip to the Publix grocery store and stocked up on food for the week. We now have food for breakfasts and lunches and 3 different meals planned for dinners.

We came back to the room, and decided we were hungry. So instead of eating the groceries we just bought, we decided to go have breakfast at the IHOP we had passed on the way to the grocery store. It just sounded really good! It was!

After breakfast we came back to the resort and walked around to check things out. We stopped at the concierge and bought our Universal Studios tickets, as well as our tickets to Disneys Magic Christmas Party.

Now it was finally time to hit the pool! We went down and floated in the lazy river for an hour or so and hit the hot tub for another half hour… It was really more of a warm tub. Then we decided it was time for a margarita! Now we are starting to feel like we are on Vacation!

When we were done swimming we got ready and went to Downtown Disney. We walked and shopped and had a fabulous meal at Fultons Crab House.

We are all exhausted, and will probably hit the hay early tonight. We are planning on going to Universal tomorrow.