Another New Year: 2015 Results & 2016 Goals

2015 was a great year for me for Health and Fitness.   I lost 20 lbs and I ended up doing 8 in person races (results listed below).  Mike and I signed up for Hogwarts running club, so I also ended up doing many “virtual races”, and even got my family to do our own little fun run for Thanksgiving.

2015 Race Results:

  • Resolution Run (5K) – Dec 31(2014) – This one was COLD and icy…so my time was not great 50 minutes roughly.
  • Unleash the She (10K) –  April 26 –  Rochester – DONE! Finish Time: 1:34:05
  • Med City Marathon Relay – (2nd leg – 7.2 miles)   May 24 Rochester Finish Time: 1:46:38(=
  • Hastings Glo Run (8K) July 16  -5 Miles Finish Time1:19:46
  • Med City Fall (10K – 6.21 miles) – Sept 20th – Rochester MN  – Finish Time 1:29:15
  • Women Run the Cities (10 Mile) – St Paul – Sept 27th – Finish Time 2:44:40
  • Monster Dash (13.1 Miles) – October 31 – St Paul – Finish Time 3:23:04
  • Choholic Frolic (5K) – St Paul – Finish Time 42:45


My Plans for 2016 are to transition over into doing a couple of Sprint Triathlons this summer.  I may end up doing more running in the fall again.  I do like doing races it keeps me motivated to keep moving.    2016 is off to a slow start for me because I have been derailed by illness.  I am starting to feel better though, so am hoping to get back into a normal training routine again soon so I will be ready for my first race.   Below is my list of in person races for the first part of this year.  I may do some additional runs in the Fall, and there may be a few more races thrown in of shorter distances.  This is what I have in my head so far.   I will still be doing virtual races as well.

2016 Goal Races:

  • Feb 21 – Disney Princess Half Marathon – (13.1M) – Feb 21 – Planned
  • March 5 – Hypothermic Half Marathon – (13.1M) – Rochester, MN – Planned
  • May28/29 – Med City (unknown) – Tentative
  • June 19 – Rochesterfest Sprint Triathlon (1/4M Swim, 10M Bike, 5K Run)  – Rochester, MN – Planned
  • July 24 – Toughman MN – Sprint Triathlon (1/4M Swim, 22M Bike, 5K Run ) – Chisago City, MN – Planned

The Exercise Itch

It is amazing how when you are unable to do something for a few days, it makes you want to do it really badly.   Apparently I have gotten in the habit of exercising, and when I can’t it drives me nuts!   I have been oncall with pager duty the past few days, and when this happens I have to be able to answer a call within 5 minutes of getting it.   So it makes it tough to go out for a run.   I am sitting here in my workout clothes waiting for the meeting when I hand the pager off to someone else so that I can go out for my run.  (Then go run errands and get groceries ha ha)     I registered for 2 more races, the Hastings 8K Glow Run in July, and a 10 mile run in September.

  • Resolution Run (5K) – Dec 31 – This one was COLD and icy…so my time was not great 50 minutes roughly.
  • Unleash the She (10K) –  April 26 –  Rochester – DONE! Finish Time: 1:34:05
  • Med City Marathon Relay – (2nd leg – 7.2 miles)   May 24 Rochester Finish Time: 1:46:38
  • Hastings Glo Run (8K) July 16  -Registered
  • Women Run the Cities (10 Mile) – Sept 27th – Registered
  • Monster Dash (13.1 Miles) – October 31


Another thing I haven’t been able to do is get out on my new bike!  YES…I found a new bike!  I have only been able to get out on it a few times due to rain, and now oncall duties.  I am very antsy to take it on a ride longer than 30 minutes to see how it does



I managed to get a weight workout workout in yesterday while I was stuck at home(boy did that feel awesome!)  It was  a great stress reliever too!   I have been doing a lot of yard work and gardening and housekeeping to keep active.   But I am antsy to do some stronger workouts again!

Success at Med-City Relay

I had a great weekend this past weekend!   I ran the Med-City relay with some super fun ladies.


IMG_2535I ran the second leg of the relay which was 7.14 miles.  This in itself was a personal record on distance for me.   I also had another personal record in that I ran it in 1:46:38, which is under a 15 min mile!   14:55 to be exact.   Looking at my splits I had some that were slower and some that were faster, but they averaged out to a great time.  I was so excited I could push myself harder to get a great pace by the end.


Med City 2014

I was reflecting back on last year when I ran the 5k, I could barely make it through to the end of the 3.2 miles with a time of 48:24. My pace for that one was 15.12 minutes per mile.  So I have made some improvements.


Med City 2015

The New Plan

I am definitely feeling really good right now.   I am nearly 13lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of the year, have lots of energy because I am eating right, and I keep breaking my own personal records.   I logged my longest distance on Sunday with a 7.15 mile run.   Right now I feel like I can do anything. It is a great feeling – an “Athletes High”!

I have made a decision not to try and compete in any triathlons this summer, and just continue to focus on my running this year.    I didn’t come to this decision lightly.   There were two main reasons I came to the decision that I did.   First,  it made more sense to spend more time running to get ready for the half marathon, than to split my workout time between biking, swimming and running.     While I still do bike and swim for cross training and to keep in shape.. the focus is on the running right now.     Second, and probably the biggest reason, we are trying to get our house ready for sale.  If I am spending my time training, I won’t have the time to get everything done I need to with the house.    I didn’t want to drive myself too crazy trying to do it all.

Instead I have decided to pick up and change my racing schedule a bit.    I am going to try and do a 10 miler in August, and do a half marathon for the Monster Dash.   So that would be my first half, and I would get a trial one in before flying down to Florida to do the Disney Princess.  I think it makes sense to do it this way.     I may pick up a couple more 5ks this summer too depending on schedule & timing, and which ones my crazy friends want to do 😀

So new plan is something like this: (with a couple misc other races thrown in this summer)

  • Resolution Run (5K) – Dec 31 – This one was COLD and icy…so my time was not great 50 minutes roughly.
  • Unleash the She (10K) –  April 26 –  Rochester – DONE! Finish Time: 1:34:05
  • Med City Marathon Relay – (2nd leg – 7.2 miles)   May 24 Rochester Finish Time: 1:46:38
  • Rochester 10 and 10 (10 mile) August 16
  • Big Woods Run (10K) – October 11 – or perhaps a different fall one this one is still up in the air
  • Monster Dash (13.1 Miles) – October 31
  • Disney Princess Half (13.1 Miles ) – Feb 2016

Then Next Year, after the Disney Princess is done I will focus on training for 2-3 Tri’s in the summer.   This will also be dependent on if/when we move, but for now it is a tentative plan.

  • Rochesterfest Triathlon – June 2016
  • Toughman MN  – Chisago City – July 2016
  • Brewhouse Triathlon – Duluth – August 2016

10K and other Successes

I finished my first 10K last weekend!   Just over 6.2 miles in 1:34:05.   About a 15 minute mile. Not bad for that long of a distance for me.   Right out of the shoot the crowd was running at at least a 12 minute mile pace and I knew I was going to be at the back of the pack right away.   There was only one gal behind me and she was walking the whole thing.   I kept about a 13 minute mile pace for the first couple miles then slowed down to my normal pace.  I was second to last in the 10k, but I really don’t care.  I went out there and did it, and I finished, and was even able to pick up the speed at the end to finish strong.   It was a beautiful day for a race and I am happy I did it.



I love the high I get when I accomplish something like this.   I remember the first thought I had back in 2011 when I finished my first 5K.     “OOO I did it.. now I wonder if I can do a Triathlon!”   Little Successes like this make my confidence that I can do anything go up.

The success on the 10K  is making me want to officially sign up for that Triathlon Sprint in June.   It is only 1/4 mile swim, 10 miles on the bike, and 5k run…so I KNOW I can do all the individual pieces.     I did the beginner one last August and I was able to do that, and I have gained a lot of momentum recently.   I know I can do it, I should probably register.   It it is harder to get signed up when don’t have a buddy doing it with me like I did last time.

I do need to get through med-city first.   I will be running 7ish miles in that one.   I do know the route very well from riding it on my bike, so I can practice it first on one of my long run days and see how it goes.  I am doing the second leg of the Relay, which goes right near my house.

I am also having success in losing some weight.  I am down 9 lbs since February 12.  Well on my way of meeting my goal of losing 15lbs by May 19th.   I have 6 more to go, so I need to focus these last few weeks to get those last 6 off.

Things are coming together and the athlete in  me is starting to show! I love it!