Throw Back Curse

Level: 6 This spell delivers a punch to the target. While it only inflicts Willpower (doubled) points of damage per Success Level, it also throws […]

Send by Raven

Level: 4 This spell allows the caster to turn a small object (no bigger than a brief case) into a raven. The raven will then […]

Knockback Jinx

Level: 4 When cast this spell creates a wall of force that flies through the air, causing bashing damage and potentially knocking people over. The […]

Throwing Jinx

Level: 1 This spell will cause an object to be thrown at a target. Instead of using the casters dexterity roll, the roll or success […]

Mage Hand

Level: 1 This spell allows the caster to move small items or apply a small amount of force (5 lbs or less) using telekinesis instead […]

Hurling Hex

Level: 3 Causes brooms or object to vibrate violently in the air and try to buck their rider off. ┬áSpell only lasts for one turn […]

Hover Charm

Level: 2 An object is levitated off the ground and moved according to the caster for one minute per success level. See Locomotor, Mobiliarbus and […]

Locomotor – Animate Object

Level: 3 The spell is always used with the name of a target, at which the wand is pointed (e.g. “Locomotor Trunk!”). The spell causes […]

Banishing Charm

Level: 1 Opposite to “Accio“. Banishes the object the spell is performed on.

Accio – Summoning Spell

Level: 1 This spell causes a nearby item to fly across the room into the casters hand. ┬áThe item must be named during the spell […]