Harry Potter Rules

To make the magic of the Buffy / Unisystem work more like Harry Potter, we have made the following changes.

hprulesKnown Spells

In this game we decided to limit the amount of spells each character knows to their Known Spells.  These spells are the ones your character has memorized and can cast in combat, or at anytime.  Your character knows Intelligence + Spellcraft number of spells.  A character can change what spells they know, but it takes time and research, typically between games.  This restriction does not apply to Level 1 spells.  Characters can know as many Level 1 spells as they want, but they do not automatically know all Level 1 spells.

Characters can cast spells that are not on their Known Spells list, but they either have to research it, or be taught it.  Knowing a spell that is not on your Known Spell list only lasts a short time, such as a combat or situation.  There is also no wand bonus when casting a spell that is not known by your character.

Your Wand and You

In order to cast spells, you must use a Wand.  Not having a wand makes it near impossible to cast spells, but characters can still use potions and magic items.

When you use the wand that has chosen you, you get a +5 bonus to cast spells that are on your Known Spells list. This bonus does not apply to spells that are not on your known spell list.  You can cast spells with another’s wand, but you no longer get the +5 bonus when casting your Known Spells.  After all, the wand chooses the wizard.

Magic Drain

In Buffy no matter what spell you cast it gave a -2 to your magic roll. And a -1 if you cast the same spell. In this game we took away the -1 if you cast the same spell. Casting spells drains your magic per the following:

Spell Level Magic Drain
Levels 1 – 2 -0
Levels 3 – 4 -1
Levels 5 or higher -2

Recovering from magic drain usually only takes a few hours of rest, or regenerates Willpower per hour.