6.15 – High Tea

Calliope searches for clues to Jake’s location as she turned him into a real wolf.  Emily runs the coffee shop while a young woman enters looking for her.  She says her name is Eleanor and that she was sent from the Watcher’s Council with a scroll for Hughbert.  Not long after her arrival the coffee shop is attacked by a group of vampires during mid-day that are looking for the scroll that Eleanor has.  The star fighting off the vampires and learn that Eleanor is not just a watcher, but also a slayer.  One of the vampires is an acolyte of The Darkness, and is finally defeated when Calliope turns him to stone.  Eleanor and Calliope get Emily to the hospital, while Eleanor helps Calliope locate Jake.  They are able to get him turned back into a human and home while he sleeps.  Eleanor then stays up the rest of the night translating the scroll.  She discovers it talks about a ritual to get to the land of Ismail, which is also a land of the dead.  Calliope and Eleanor go back to the hospital the next day and tell Emily this, but soon the hospital is covered by darkness and the now stone vampire returns to get the scroll.  Eleanor leaves them with a translated copy of the scroll and takes the original and gets out of the hospital before it is sealed off by The Darkness.  Meanwhile Jake wakes up and tracks them to the hospital and is able to enter before it is sealed off.  Jake catches up to Emily and Calliope and together they are barely able to fight off the stone vampire.  Once he is defeated they leave the hospital and take the translated scroll back home.

Legends of Breckmeir
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