6.14 – Immortal Again

Owen returns to Breckmeir and goes to the coffee shop to see Emily.  There he touches her with a demonic hand and when he does an onyx ring on that hand turns to dust.  The gang then decides to go out patrolling while Calliope stays behind to find a spell to contact Hughbert.  She tries a new spell that causes a bright light and burns most of the coffee shop.  She is able to use her magic to fix the coffee shop afterwards.  The gang finds nothing until they are in the park where they encounter a demon and are able to kill it.  They go back to the coffee shop where Emily finds small clues that something happened.  When Owen goes to leave before sunrise they are attacked by more demons, which they are able to defeat.  The next day Owen is attacked in his home by more demons while the rest of the gang fights them off at the coffee shop.  They do some research and find that these demons are called Grindenstalkers.  Grindenstalker demons are loyal to the one who summoned them, and the ritual only brings one.  However when a Grindenstalker demon is killed, two rise in its place.  The gang heads out to the park and is ambushed by the demons.  Calliope tries to do a spell to kill the demons, but instead turns Jake into a real wolf and he runs off into the woods.  Emily is mortally wounded and Calliope tries to pull her to safety.  Owen drives up on the side of the road and they pull Emily into the car.  Owen notices that the Grindenstalker demons do not attack, but simply stand there and watch.  Later they confront Calliope about summoning the demons and she isn’t sure if she did or not.  Soon near the park there is a shoot out as police officers attempt to fight back the demons.  Calliope stays behind while Owen and Emily are able to fight them off, but as they return to the coffee shop several demons are there waiting for them.  The demons stand there waiting, while Emily calls Calliope on her cell phone.  Calliope does some sort of spell and they all vanish.  When asked, Calliope says little or nothing about it.  Owen then has to return to Europe, leaving Emily and Calliope with the job of finding Jake.

Legends of Breckmeir
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