6.13 – Bringing in the Sheeves

While Jake and Emily are in the hospital Calliope goes to get the video tap from Tyler’s dog house.  She watches it and finds that Hughbert actually performed a ritual on the piece of Shadow Seal to remove the Garou name and replace it with his.  Hughbert also says that he had worked with The Enlightened Ones so that when he was banished he would go to the land of Tur.  Calliope goes and picks up Jake and Emily from the hospital and tells them about the tape.  They had home to rest before going to clean up the coffee shop.  Meanwhile a man starts going around town offering his services to remove ghosts and supernatural energies from some of the local businesses.  Calliope is amazed when she sees objects move.  The gang investigates him and finds his name is Bubba Dietrich who claims to be an inventor and paranormal investigator.  Jake follows him around and as far as they can tell he seems legitimate, even though they suspect a scam.  That night Calliope goes to the ruins of the coffee shop while Emily and Jake are sleeping and uses her magic to totally repair and clean it.  Emily and Jake are surprised the next day to find it fully operational.  As they work that day Father Fitzpatrick from the local church comes in and asks to put up a flyer stating that they are having a reading of newly discovered Pslams at the church.  Jake comes back from helping Bubba and tells the gang of the locations where Bubba says his equipment picked up supernatural activity, all the locations seem to match up except that Bubba’s equipment got readings from Father Fitzpatrick’s church.  Emily makes a few phone calls and finds there are no new Psalms.  They confront Bubba to find that he is scamming people, but his research is real and that the ghost of his late wife, Gertie, is helping him make the hauntings.  He also tells the gang he is using the money for his research to bring Gertie back.  With the help of Bubba and Gertie they head to the church before the reading, only to find Father Fitzpatrick and several parishioners have changed into a demon form due to the influence of The Darkness.  They defeat Father Fitzpatrick, but barely make it out of the church alive.  But they did stop the reading and the conversion of new worshippers to The Darkness.

Legends of Breckmeir
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