6.12 – Secrets and Shadows

Emily’s psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Kenneth, asks to speak to Emily’s friends privately concerning her progress.  Hughbert contacts Emily telling her he has made a discovery concerning the information the Oracle of Alphos had given them about The Darkness.  They decide to meet later that night to go over Hughbert’s findings, but when they get there Hughbert is gone as well as his research and his house is in shambles.  They also realize The Darkness has taken the piece of shadow seal that Hughbert had.  The next day Calliope meets with Dr. Kenneth while Emily and Jake look around town for clues to Hughbert’s disappearance.  Jake runs into two teenage girls named Tanya and Cassie while at the beach looking for clues.  The girls take Jake back to their house and get him drunk.  Emily talks to her Mom about Dr. Kenneth prying into her life and has a big argument, her father has Emily go to another psychiatrist.  After searching high and low they are unable to find any clues to Hughbert’s location.  They had back to the coffee shop where they find a group of demons holding Hughbert hostage.  The gang is subdued and when they wake up they are being held by The Darkness who goes use the Shadow Seal to get rid of Jake.  Just before the ritual Hughbert tells Emily there is a video take in the roof of his dog’s doghouse.  The Darkness performs the ritual on the Shadow Seal, but Hughbert is the one that disappears and not Jake.  Confused The Darkness withdraws and orders the demons to kill Calliope, Emily, and Jake.  Calliope uses some dark magic and turns one of the demons to stone and makes it explode.  With the demons defeated, Calliope gets Jake and Emily to the hospital as they are critically wounded from the battle.

Legends of Breckmeir
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