6.11 – Lights, Camera, Slay

The gang soon finds that a movie studio is shooting a horror movie at the lighthouse.  That night they go to investigate the set, only to be attacked by real demons lurking around.  Pookie accidentally wonders onto the set and mistakes the movie monster for a demon.  The director loves her and decides to cast her as the star.  Hughbert uses this opportunity to get everyone onto the set to find out what is going on.  Soon they discover that they are using a real spell book as a movie prop and summoning demons into this world.  After Pookie shoots her first scene, more monsters appear and the gang handles them without anyone noticing while Pookie shoots the scene.  Hughbert then steals the spell book and goes to replace it with a more harmless one.  Meanwhile the actor playing the monster is blamed for the disaster and thanks to a spell by Frank is unable to defend himself.  Pookie recommends Jake for the part as he has his own monster costume.  Jake secretly changes and comes back in his werewolf form, the director instantly casts him as the monster.  Hughbert comes back with a latin fairytale book to replace the spell book.  Jake and Pookie then star as the lead actors Steven Smellberg’s new movie, Svetlana the Monster Slayer.

Legends of Breckmeir
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