6.10 – The City of Alphos

The gang wakes up in a strange ruined city covered by a red burning sky.  They find no people, but after some searching find zombie like demon creatures inside the buildings.  Jake gets bitten by one of the zombies and soon falls sick.  Calliope does a spell to hold back the poison from the bite, but is unable to fully heal him.  Soon they find that Frank and Pookie are also in this lost city.  They also notice the sky begins to turn dark and take refuge inside a building while the town becomes filled with the demon zombies trying to get them.  Frank and Calliope are able to do a spell to protect their building they are in and keep the zombies out.  The next day they find a giant building which seems to be the main building of the city.  Pookie uses her visions to discover that this is the city of Alphos that was destroyed and cursed when the people would not give up their greatest treasure.  Inside they find ancient writing that speaks of an oracle.  Frank is able to translate it and using his own blood opens the barrier and gains access to the oracle.  The oracle allows them to ask three questions, which they use to learn that it was Frank and Calliope that brought them here.  Before they can find out how to go home, Pookie wonders if there is a way to go back in time and ask more questions.  Frank uses a spell to do just that and they find the means to get home, along with how to destroy The Darkness and defeat Frank’s father.  Calliope and Frank are then able to redo the spell they accidentally did to bring everyone here and are all returned to Breckmeir.

Legends of Breckmeir
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