6.09 – Hospital Hijack

The next night everyone goes to the hospital to talk to Hughbert about the Easter Bunny demon.  While they are there a dark shadow covers the building, preventing anyone from leaving.  Soon after female demon named Amalla and a group of demon guards enter the hospital looking for a stone.  The gang quickly hides out in Hughbert’s room, with a confused Dr. Spencer, to come up with a plan.  Hughbert tells the gang they must be after a chunk of the Shadow Seal that Hughbert has in his coat pocket in the hospital room closet.  Jake and Owen head out alone to try and pick off some of the demon guards one by one.  Emily calms Dr. Spencer and talks to him to find a better hiding place.  He recommends the x-ray room a couple of floors down.  Emily leads Dr. Spencer, Hughbert, and Calliope down the stairway and to the x-ray room.  Meanwhile Jake and Owen are able to take out several demons before heading back to find the others.  However before they can get to the x-ray room they come across Amalla and more demon guards.  Amalla is quickly able to capture and restrain Jake and Owen.  Emily hears the commotion and leaves the others to go and rescue Owen and Jake.  Emily engages Amalla in battle, while Jake tries to use magic to free him and Owen, however he sets Owen on fire which does cause the demon guards to release him.  Emily leads Amalla away, but is seriously injured and loses her hand in battle.  Emily makes it back to the x-ray room, however Amalla cannot enter the room as Hughbert has put a ward spell on the doorway, but it is not strong enough and it is only a matter of time before she gets through.  Hughbert pulls Calliope aside and asks her to take a risk and power boost off of the piece of shadow seal to try and take Amalla out.  She does this and is able to blow Amalla into the wall across the hallway.  After much battling they are able to defeat Amalla while Jake and Owen take out of the rest of the demon guards.  The dark shield around the hospital lifts and they are finally able to leave the hospital.

Legends of Breckmeir
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