6.08 – The Bunny

The gang waits at the hospital for news on Hughbert’s condition.  Emily runs into the young doctor who has helped her before as he is assigned to Hughbert’s case.  His name it Doctor Duncan Spencer, and he tells the gang that Hughbert has suffered a small stroke.  They confront Hughbert after the doctor leaves about what they found in his basement.  He comes clean with them and tells them he has been working on a way to keep Jake in this dimension when they have to get rid of The Darkness.  While they are in the hospital they find lots of zombie-like children coming in.  Emily and Calliope start digging for an answer and find that all the children had been to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.  So the gang heads down to the mall and hangs around until it closes, then they break into the mall to confront the Easter Bunny and his friends.  Soon they are in a battle with all the barnyard friends as demons in costume start gunning them down.  They begin to fight and soon the find that Jake has fallen under the influence of the Easter Bunny as well.  As they cut the costumes apart they find worm like creatures forming a mass inside each costume.  Calliope is able to end the battle by blowing up all of the worm creatures, but not before covering Owen in worm goo.

Legends of Breckmeir
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