6.07 – Egg of Destruction

Emily begins her sessions with her psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Kenneth, and begins rebuilding the coffee shop per the deal she made with her mother.  Owen is sent back to Breckmeir as The Order of the Tokrei is losing its influence over the demon community as they are all starting to follow The Darkness.  Owen’s instructions are to find The Darkness and destroy it.  The gang also notices that Hughbert has a cut on his hand and is acting strangely.  Emily investigates and finds that he has done some kind of ritual in the basement of his home, along with a lot of research on the Shadow Gate.  As Owen arrives in town, the gang decides it is a good idea to patrol and see if they can get any leads on The Darkness.  Soon they discover a group of demons making a deal with a man while a dark figure lurks in the background.  When they attack a few demons grab what they can from the trunk and take off into the woods.  Jake takes after them as Emily and the others battle the remaining demons, the dark figured quickly disappears.  Jake catches up with the demons and attacks, but then finds himself in the middle of a late night easter egg hunt with a few families.  The demons drop the stuff they grabbed and Jake has to grab what he can and leave before the cops show up.  Once they re-group Hughbert does some research on the chest and some of the items and discovers that the item The Darkness was probably after was called The Egg of Agraness.  An egg containing the essence of a very powerful demon, that when opened would release the demon.  According to Hughbert’s text the egg is described as being a brightly colored egg.  Since it is not in the trunk, they assume that it must have been mixed with the other Easter eggs on the lawn of the family having the Easter egg hunt.  The next day the gang begins to go house to house searching for the egg.  Unable to distinguish the egg they begin to collect all of the Easter eggs, eventually they meet a young girl named Abigayle and when they are able to talk her out of her Easter egg they are attacked by demons.  They are able to defeat the demons and get all of the eggs back to Hughbert.  After much searching they finally destroy the Egg of Agraness, however when it is gone Hughbert falls over unconscious.

Legends of Breckmeir
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