6.06 – Witch Hunter

Calliope is summoned to bring Jake to the coven in Salem Massachusetts in order to be tested and assessed.  Emily is contacted by her Mother who wants to have dinner and talk with her daughter.  Emily decides to tag along and meet him Mother in Salem while Calliope and Jake go to the coven.  Emily drops them off and goes to the restaurant to meet with her Mother who talks to her about her school and career.  She tells Emily that she has noticed a change in her since she disappeared after the nuclear plant incident.  Emily talks about missing Adam a little bit, and her mother asks her to go to a psychiatrist once a week in Breckmeir until she starts doing better.  Emily agrees and asks her Mother to buy her the coffee shop building, her Mother agrees as long as Emily sees the psychiatrist.  Emily then heads back to the coven house to meet up with Calliope and Jake.  When she gets there she finds that Jake is to be tested for mystical potential over the course of a few days.  They agree to spend the night, but when they wake up the next morning they find Jake missing.  They hear someone scream and they find Jake naked and bloody on the floor of Sophia’s room.  It appears that Jake has lost control of his werewolf form and killed the head of the coven.  A man named Dennis Marko steps up to give Jake the benefit of the doubt as another witch named Madame LeBlanc blames him as she considers him a creature of darkness because he is a werewolf.  The coven holds a trial to determine if Jake is innocent.  The next night Emily has a dream about The Darkness, but when she awakens she hears a noise.  She tries to wake Calliope but is unable to.  She follows the noise and finds a dark figure trying to kill another witch in the house.  She stabs it with her sword hoping that the creature is not Jake.  There is flash and Jake appears naked on the bedroom floor.  The witch runs out of the room screaming and thanking the slayer for saving her.  The next day they continue a trial and decide that following night Calliope and Emily will stay next to Jake who will be in a cage to prevent another attack.  Emily tells Calliope that there must have been some sort of spell keeping them asleep.  Calliope performs a spell on all three of them to keep them from sleeping for several days.  Later that night they hear the creature but find that Jake is still awake and in his cage.  Emily goes up to battle the creature while Calliope stays with Jake, when she fights the creature with her sword it disappears and Jake is teleported naked into the room.  However Emily was not able to save the girl before the creature killed her.  They tell the coven members what happened and they decide that next night they will all remain in the meeting chambers to watch Jake and verify he is not the killer.  Sure enough, late in the night the creature enters the meeting chambers and the gang begins fighting it.  After and extensive battle they are able to defeat it, but are still unsure as to who summoned it.  When they go to talk to Dennis Marko he falls over dead, and they realize he was the one behind the killings as he wanted to become head of the coven.  Soon they here clapping and find Sophia and everyone is ok as she congratulates Jake on passing the test.  Emily is severely annoyed by the coven toying with them like that.  Calliope and Jake say good-bye as the gang heads back to Breckmeir, but before they leave Emily asks if they dream about The Darkness was part of the test, and the coven asks her, what dream?

Legends of Breckmeir
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