6.05 – Skin of Truth

It has been a couple of weeks since Jake arrived in Breckmeir and things seem to have quieted down.  Emily begins secretly spending time in Hughbert’s library trying to find a way to bring Adam back.  As she leaves the basement of the chemistry building she is met by another student named Sally.  As Emily turns to leave, Sally grown claws and attacks Emily.  Emily is barely able to escape to her car outside, but when she goes back to look for Sally, she is gone.  Emily contacts the others to tell them what happened.  Calliope heads downtown to pick up Jake who is window shopping.  An old lady asks Jake for help across the street but soon Jake finds that she stabs him with a silver knife.  He yells for help as many people walking downtown show up to help him.  As the ambulance arrives the old woman disappears out of sight.  Calliope arrives and freezes time in order to take Jake away from the ambulance and the crowd.  Hughbert then goes to meet Emily who is at the hospital getting patched up after her encounter with Sally.  Hughbert takes her home to Calliope and Jake so that they can all heal up for the night while he does some research.  The next day Hughbert contacts them and tells them that the girl who attacked Emily has not been to class for two days.  The gang goes to her dorm room per Hughbert’s request and find her body, entirely skinned.  Afterwards they all go downtown for some shopping and are flagged down by a cop who asks for Jake’s identity as he recognizes him from the attack yesterday.  The cop tells them that they need to go downtown and work things out with a social worker as the gang cannot explain who his legal guardian is.  After the cop is gone, a man from across the street begins shooting at them, they are able to subdue the man who tells Jake that the darkness will consume him.  The cop returns and takes the man away, but the man smiles at the gang from the back of the squad car as his skin begins to split.  Hughbert calls Calliope to tell her the race of demons are called Skin Walkers.  Calliope tells Hughbert what she saw in the squad car and Hughbert has them go after the cop to save his life.  When they catch up with him they find the Skin Walker trying to kill the cop.  They are able to kill it, but are left with a very questioning cop.  Calliope tries to do a spell, but it is not quite effective, but they are able to get the cop to leave.  They call Hughbert who reassures them he will talk to the police officer.  Later on Hughbert meets up with the gang and he explains that the Skin Walkers must have a nest of about four to five of them.  Calliope has Jake do a scrying spell, using the dagger that they attacked him with.  They find the nest is located in a floral shop downtown.  Later that night, they head to the floral shop and go in where they find the old woman who attacked Jake along with a few other townspeople.  The gang is able to kill all the Skin Walkers and free a young woman they were holding hostage.  They take part of the altar with some strange writing on it back to Hughbert to study.

Legends of Breckmeir
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