1.01 – Calling All Slayers

Emily Boyd comes to Breckmeir, Maine to attend the University after graduating from Boston, and to work on becoming a great reporter.  There she meets her new roommate Calliope Jones and her Aunt Rose.  She quickly notices that Aunt Rose is a witch, and discusses it with Calliope.  As the two get acquainted to their new surroundings they are attacked by men in black robes as they cross the campus.  As they fight, they attempt to take Emily away, until a man appears from no where and begins to save the girls.  Calliope uses her magic and changes one of them into a squirrel, then the man transforms into a werewolf and rips the others apart before turning back and helping the girls. They then go with their new friend to a diner where he identifies himself as Eddie Fence.  There Eddie also meets a man named Tom Kinkaid that hires him as a mechanic at his local garage.  The next day the girls find their Theology professor, Dr. Melon had been killed and drained of his blood.  The girls return to where they were attacked and get a bit of cloth from their attackers.  Calliope does a spell and is able to find out where their attackers went.  Emily suddenly becomes dizzy, and is unsure why.  They meet up with Eddie and head out into the woods where they find a lighthouse.  As they head towards it Eddie and Calliope do not wish to go one, but Emily does.  When they get to the door they find that they can not open it, nor break it in.  Then suddenly they are attacked by a group of vampires, and to everyone’s surprise Emily begins taking them out, almost through instinct.  After the vampires are vanquished, they are able to enter the lighthouse and find that someone has drawn a door on the wall with chalk, and that there is still a warm candle.  Emily also finds a picture of Calliope as a child on the desk in the lighthouse.  They leave and find a cave near the lighthouse where they find the bodies of their attackers dead and drained of blood.  When the girls go to class the next day they meet their new teacher, Hughbert Penningsworth who, after class, talks with Emily and explains that she has become a Vampire Slayer due to a spell cast by a witch named Willow, and that he is a Watcher and has been sent to train her by what is left of the Watchers Council.

Legends of Breckmeir
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