Touch of Vishnu

Level: 3

Quick Cast: Yes

Requirements: Witches or Warlocks must utter a mantra in either Hindi or Sanskrit to Vishnu the Preserver. Other casters must also mingle their blood with that spilled by the target (it need not be stemming from a wound; droplets of blood on the ground suffices).

Effects: This spell is straightforward, if painful, for the caster. When the spell is completed, the caster chooses an amount of Life Points to restore that have been lost by the target. This amount may not exceed (10 x the caster’s Sorcery level). The caster immediately suffers a like amount of Life Points of damage as the target’s wounds are replicated on her body. Damage taken during this process is special in that it cannot be healed by any means for the duration of the scene. This spell is spectacularly painful for the caster (though she is said to gain much karma for such self-sacrifice). Nevertheless, she must also make a Constitution + Willpower check and score a number of successes equal to (the amount of Life Points restored, divided by 10, rounded up) or be rendered unconscious for the duration of the scene.

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