Level: 3

Quick Cast: Yes

Requirements: A ritual lasting about ten minutes; if the target is not present, something belonging to or once a part of him/her. For a witch or warlock, a few words replace the ritual.

Effects: This spell is a bit unusual, in that in can be used in two ways:

  1. To make someone who’s sleeping have a nightmare. The caster can “script” the nightmare. In real time, it only lasts (success level) minutes, but due to the way dreams work, it can seem to last hours.
  2. To make someone who’s awake have a “waking nightmare”. The caster does not determine the contents; the person’s own fears do that. Nothing that happens in the nightmare is real, but the target is unable to do anything but react to the nightmare for (success level) turns, unless they can pass a Willpower (not doubled) test against 9 + (success level) difficulty.
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