Luna Lends Me Her Eyes

Level: 3

Quick Cast: No

Requirements: A 20 minute ritual supplication to a moon goddess (Selene, Luna and Diana are popular). The ritual may only be performed when the moon is in the sky.

Effects: The caster is placed in a trance for one minute per Success Level, in which she sees the world “from the moon’s perspective”: as if from high above, able to view almost half the planet at once. It takes a Willpower (not doubled) roll to sort out the sensory overload; otherwise the caster collapses in a heap for the duration of the spell. Once she adjusts to the visions, the caster can use a Willpower and Perception roll to zero in on any one person or place. (Each refocusing takes about a minute, and requires a new roll.) Only outdoor locations are visible, but the spell enables the caster to see in total darkness. With a Willpower (not doubled) roll, she can make an attempt to trace auras, ley lines and fields of magical force. (This spell doubtless has some interesting effects during a lunar or solar eclipse…)

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