Level: 3

Quick Cast: No

Requirements: The caster draws an ankh on the recipient’s breastbone using a paste made of chalk, clay and a small amount of silver.

Effects: The power of the ankh bolsters the target’s vital organs for one hour per Success Level in the casting roll. She gains one temporary level of Hard to Kill per Success Level. Life Points from these additional levels are lost first when the character takes damage; only after all her extra Life Points have been lost does she lose points from her normal pool. Once lost, these extra Life Points cannot be restored. Ankh does not heal injuries or disease – it merely serves as a temporary Life Point boost, or life support for a critically injured character. Undead are unaffected by the spell, but it may be cast upon a character who has been dead for five minutes or less, restarting her heart and lungs and permitting her to receive normal medical treatment. She will still die if the spell runs out and she hasn’t received proper medical attention. A character may only receive the benefits of this spell once, ever.

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