Ambient Voice

Level: 3

Quick Cast: Yes

Requirements: A whispered incantation, for a witch or warlock a mere phrase.

Effects: The next best thing to telepathy. The caster’s voice becomes lost in the background noise; no matter how loudly she speaks, people around her will pay no more attention to what she’s saying than they would to a rustling tree, scuffing chair, footsteps or whatever is appropriate to her surroundings. Anyone in locked eye contact with her or touching her during the casting of the spell, however, hears her voice normally. Moreover, anyone touching her at the time of the casting is also affected. Makes for a nice way to communicate more or less covertly even in public. This spell lasts for one minute per Success Level in the casting roll. It has no effect if there is absolutely no ambient noise, for instance in a sensory deprivation tank or anti-echo chamber. Any Cast Member affected by Ambient Voice may also attempt to subliminally influence people. For every Success Level in the casting roll above 3 the Cast Member gains a +1 bonus to any Willpower + Influence rolls made against characters who are not paying specific attention to her (e.g. unaware of her or just minding their own business). Failing this roll does not alert the target to the caster’s presence or make him hear her voice.

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