Warrior of the Earth

Level: 4

Quick Cast: No

Requirements: 10 minutes of chanting over a burning candle followed by snuffing the candle with a handful of soil.

Effects: The spell causes the earth itself to form an earthen version of the caster. This soil form is under the direct mental command of the caster the same way any body part would be. The form can travel any distance away from the caster (the wizard sees through the eyes of the earthen form as if they were his own) although the caster can do nothing but control the form or the body crumbles and the spell fails. The earth form has the life points equal to the casters maximum, strength of 5 and a dexterity of 3. The form lasts for one hour per Success Level and can be ended at any time but if the earthen form is destroyed the caster must make a survival test at a +5 penalty.

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