Unnatural Concentration

Level: 5

Quick Cast: No

Requirements: A personal belonging of the target, and a lengthy ritual (about an hour).

Effects: The target of an Unnatural Concentration spell finds herself unusually focused. For a full day after the spell takes effect, she gains a bonus equal to the Success Levels of the casting roll to any mundane task that requires her full attention, including writing, reading, test taking, research, performing music, or any number of other undertakings. After this day has passed, the character becomes even more focused and single-minded – although she notices nothing wrong, she has in fact acquired the Obsession (whatever task she’s engaged in) Drawback. After a week, she begins to take on the traits of the Emotional Problems (Depression) Drawback. For each further week that passes, she gains another Drawback: (in order) Talentless, Humorless, and Paranoid. Once she has all five of these Drawbacks, she is no longer able to function in society; by now she has probably been diagnosed with severe obsessive compulsive disorder or a dissociative personality disorder and been locked in a mental ward for observation and treatment. If she already has any of the latter four Drawbacks, that is skipped over and the “disease” progresses faster. A victim of Unnatural Concentration returns to normal over the course of a day if the spell is dispelled. It is far more insidious than most spells, though, and does not particularly “want” to be ended. The dispelling roll must be made against the full Power Level of the spell, plus the number of Success Levels in the initial casting, and a failed dispelling roll adds +1 to the effective Power Level for any future dispelling attempts. (The traditional decapitating-the-caster route has been known to end Unnatural Concentration as well.)

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