Murder of the Crows

Level:  6

Quick Cast:  Yes

Requirements: A short incantation, during which the caster must visualize her destination.

Effects: The caster freezes for a moment, and then explodes into a dozen magical crows that immediately fly away. When they reach their destination (a location within one mile per level of Willpower + Sorcery, which the caster must visualize while casting the spell), the crows flock and the caster reconstitutes. Crows created by this spell will take no action except flying in a flawlessly straight line toward their destination and Dodging attacks. The caster is vulnerable while the spell is in effect – she takes 10 points of damage for each crow that doesn’t make it to the destination. The caster has no self awareness while in crow form. She has no memory of traveling, cannot control the actions of the birds once they form, and her mind cannot be read by magical or psychic means. The spell lasts for one hour per success level. A crow has 8 Life Points, flies at a speed of 30 MPH, and has a Dodge Score of 26.

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