Dispersal Dream

Level:  8

Quick Cast:  Yes

Requirements:  A short incantation, or a 20 minute ritual for those without Sorcery. No matter what, the caster must sacrifice a specially enchanted rock called an Avatar Stone, and these are hard to come by (rumor has it there are three or fewer left in the world).

Effects:  The target of the spell, who must be no more than five yards from the caster, takes Bash damage equal to 3x Willpower per Success Level, ignoring all armor and non magical protection. If the Dream does enough damage to kill the target, she is gorily torn apart. Whether or not the first target dies, if there is another large creature (something the size of a house cat or larger) within one yard per Success Level, the spell will “leap” to it and have the same effect. As long as there is a creature within range of the last target, the spell will continue to propagate. (This effect is very quick: each Turn the Dream will activate a number of times equal to the caster’s Willpower.) The caster is not entirely immune to the Dispersal Dream – the effect will jump to her if she is the only target within range of its most recent victim. No other beings have any protection, though, and unless the targets are properly isolated this spell will end with a field of bloody meat, some of which used to be the caster and her friends.

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