Dark Blade of Agonis

The Dark Blade of Agonis is truly a frightening blade to behold.  The steel is so dark as to be almost black and does not reflect light, but seems to absorb it.  The sword grants is weilder a +3 to Strength and an armor value of 10 while it is held.  The grievous wounds caused by the blade are terrible and all actions of the wounded are at a –2.  The wounds will not close on their own and need magical healing or supernatural regeneration to heal.  The wounds will “bleed” 1 life point of damage per turn until a magical healing is done upon them.  The blood can be stanched temporarily with a Doctor Skill check at –4, but will begin to bleed again if the victim does anything but moving slowly or resting.  The eye on the sword can allow the wielder to spy on someone who is named.  When the eye is used and target is within 500 yards.  The effect lasts for 5 minutes and can be done three times per day.  The blade also drains the wielder of 10 life points per successful strike with the weapon as “tribute”.  The drain is painful and can be felt by the wielder.  These life points come back normally, but if the wielder is killed in this manner then their soul is absorbed and fed to the Dark Fires.

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