Mind Probe

Level: 3

With this ability, your character can probe into the minds of others. If the Force user touches someone or looks into his eyes, he can listen in on what the being is thinking. In this case, the subject resists the Force user’s Force roll (Willpower, plus Force Skill, plus Force Level) with Willpower doubled roll. If successful, your character’s Success Levels dictate the time (in minutes) that may be spent probing and the depth of the “read”(consult chart below). Using eye contact for mind probing only works if the target is less than five feet away. Sorry, no long distance or binocular-aided mind probing permissible.

Success Level 1
Can only sense basic emotions.

Success Level 2
Can sense surface thoughts (whatever the subject is thinking at the moment).

Success Level 3
Can delve deeper into the mind of the subject. A simple question can be “asked” and a one sentence or less answer is revealed. Each additional Success Level grants one more question and answer.

Success Level 4 or higher
Can get a clear picture of the subject’s personality, find memories, and get any information available (provided the telepath specifically asks for it).

Star Wars Force Abilities
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