2.02 – Gargoyles on a Train

Phex and Feather and sent to accompany a wizard inventor, Professor Tibbet, on a muggle train to keep the dark wizards who have been harassing him from getting his latest invention. Soon after departure the train is attacked by gargoyles, creations of the dark wizards. While trying to keep the gargoyles from abducting the Professor Tibbet, the train is soon plunged in darkness as the dark wizards launch a spell pulling it from the tracks. After much combat, they are able to finally fight the dark wizards and barely defeat them, but not before most of the muggle passengers are scared witless and the train torn to pieces. They arrive at their destination where a team of witches and wizards await to modify the memories of the passengers. Professor Tibbet gives Feather a small stone he calls one of his clever creations, which allows her to ask the stone a question.

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