1.11 – End to Magic

Feather and Phex recover from their last encounter with Azriel and Barnabus.  Soon Phex finds she is vulnerable to sunlight and can only find some answers in a dark magic apothecary shop on East Street.  Feather dives into the world of potions and finds herself in the lab most days and nights.

Soon they are called together along with Aurors from around the department.  They are told Barnabus and Azriel have taken a Disney cruise ship, filled with children and are headed to New York, to no doubt do the ritual from the Arcanum to turn most of the witches and wizards into Muggles.  Sebastian takes over command and dispatches them out with a group of other Aurors let by Marko.  However once they reach the ship they find it is too well protected with dark wizards, creatures, and an almost impenetrable shield.  After doing what they can and fending off some of the dark wizards, they retreat with what is left of their group of Aurors.  Phex decides to call Schmedrick and see if there is anything in his vault that can help them with the shield.

With Schmedrick’s help, they are able to use a device and get on the ship.  There they duel and encounter a multitude of vampires and dark wizards, but also bring several other Aurors with them.  After a long and complicated battle they are able to confront Barnabus and Azriel as they begin the ritual to sacrifice the passengers to turn the witches and wizards of New York into muggles.  With them help of Schmendrick, they are able to face Barnabus and Azriel and defeat them.

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