1.10 – Vampire Vendetta

Feather and Phex are sent to Seattle to investigate the disappearance of all the occupants of an apartment building. Soon they find themselves overwhelmed by vampires and dark wizards. They are barely able to escape when they discover the leader of the dark wizards is their old friend Barnabus.

They make it back to New York and debrief their captain. After resting they had back out with an Auror task force and find below the apartment building an underground lair that the vampires and dark wizards used. Soon they end up in a stand off with the wizards and vampires, while Phex sneaks inside only to be confronted by Barnabus and the leader of the vampires, Azriel. Azriel tries to turn her to their side as she is half vampire, and even suggests they might be distant cousins. He tries to offer her information regarding her vampire mother, but when she doesn’t budge he steps aside to let Barnabus and her duel.

After some time Barnabus succeeds to hitting Phex with the death curse. Azriel and Barnabus leave her for dead and escape. Shortly after Feather and the other Aurors break in to find Phex dead, but soon she awakens and seems fine. It is not until they take her outside and she is suddenly burned by the sun, do they realize what happened. That Barnabus’ death curse did kill part of Phex’s humanity, making her more vampire than before.

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