1.09 – The Seer

Feather and Phex are assigned to accompany a train carrying a “precious cargo” that cannot be transported by magical means from New York to California. A couple of days before their journy Phex goes to East Street to look for clues, and also stop by Hinkels to see about some enchantments for her bike. At Hinkels she meets Susie’s nephew Seph who is able to get her a hiding enchantment from Muggles, as well as a more powerful enchantment that will allow her to summon her bike to her with the use of a clicker. Next Phex checks in at Bob’s House of Alacazam to see what he knows about the train shipment. She finds that the cargo they are transporting is a seer, that both the Department of Magical Affairs and the Dark Wizards are interested in for using to gain knowledge of the future. Phex also asks Bob about the missing book and soon discovers that her memories may have been altered.

Soon it is time for them to arrive at the train station where they encounter four other witches and wizards sent to guard the train. Agent Adams and Agent Smith seem to be in charge from a mysterious department high up in the Department of Magical Affairs. THe other witch and wizard, named Olivia and Rutger, are more simple and are on board for their abilities with protection spells.

Soon the train is off and it isn’t long before it is attackedy by dark wizards, but the protection spells seem to hold them off. Later that night everyone falls into a deep sleep, when they wake up they find the train conductor and engineer dead, as well as Agent Adams who was on guard duty severely injured. Rutger and Agent Smith are also missing, along with the rest of the train. They are able to heal Agent Adams with Olivia’s help, and thanks to the new enchantment on her bike Phex is able to summon it and fit everyone on it so they can pursue the train.

When they catch up with the train Olivia uses a potion that stops the train, as well as creates several protective spells to allow them to hide behind Phex’s bike as battle with the dark wizards ensues. Soon the dark wizards fall as they were caught off guard, but not before Agent Smith kills Agent Adams and almost does the same to Feather. With the help of Olivia they stop Rutger and Agent Smith and recover the Seer, which turns out to be a small boy in a wheelchair. They get him the rest of the way to California in the train car by making the train car weightless so Phex can tow it with her bike. Phex and Feather talk to the boy about their memories, and he is able to see the vision and return them memories too them. Once the boy is safe at his destination they soon feel sorry for him as his parents seem more eager to have a famous seer than a son. They bid farewell to Olivia and using Phex’s bike, head back home to New York.

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