1.07 – No Place Like Home

Barnabus returns to New York and tracks down Phex.  Meanwhile Feather gets contacted by her family’s house elf, Bruno, to let her know her parents are very sick and that she needs to return home right away.  Upon learning the news Phex and Barbabus follow her to Colorado.  Soon they discover a small gated community of witches and wizards have all taken ill.  Taking her parents to a near by wizard hospital, they find that their magic seems to have been drained out of them.  Phex heads into town and soon discovers a group of small girls have recently been abducted from a near by orphanage around the same time Feather’s parents became ill.  Looking around the area they also find a clearing where a grotesque statue of the missing girls remain.  Soon the group watches the orphanage and find the dark wizards returning to take more orphans, but are unable to stop them.  Following them to the ritual site, they find a dark wizard leading a group of witches and wizards in a spell, using the Arcanum.  Feather, Phex, and Barnabus take out many of the witches and wizards, but not before the spell is finished.  Going back to Feather’s house they find everything okay, in fact her parents feel much better.  However Bruno, their house elf, no longer answers their commands and upon further investigation they find that Feather’s parents have been turned into muggles.  After consoling her parents and the gated community, Bruno returns to New York with Feather as house elves only follow the commands of witches and wizards, and since Feather is part of the family, Bruno is now her house elf.

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