1.06 – Contraband

While the Department of Magical Affairs is rebuilt after the attack from the dark wizards and vampires, Captain McCulley assigns Feather and Phex to a case to help a wizard named Gregory Mathis. They meet up with Gregory and he explains that a group of dragons have left their normal habitat in China and come to the United States, heading across country and attacking cities and muggles. Their job is to find the dragons, discover their reason for the attacks and stop them.

With the help of Gregory they track the group of dragons just before they head to Las Vegas. They setup spells to try and detect, and deter the dragons from entering the city. Once they encounter the dragons in the air, things go from bad to worse as Phex’s bike is damaged. Luckily before the crash, Gregory is able to use a spell to determine the dragons are following a man who stole one of their eggs. While the perimeter spells holds and keeps the dragons at bey, they head into Vegas to track down the wizard who stole the dragon egg. Using a dragon detection spell, they come across him and a fight breaks out. After subduing him, they find he is a well known smuggler and aprehend him. Gregory then returns the dragon egg to the dragons who then leave peacefully heading back home.

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