1.05 – Internal Affairs

Feather and Phex are monitored after internal affairs becomes suspicious of how they handled the vampires in New Orleans. An agent named Sebastian, is assinged to monitor them and evaluate both them and their work. Meanwhile they are sent on another case on East Street, where it appears dark wizards have been harrassing local shop owners trying to find something. They come across the dark wizards in Bob’s shop, and soon a fight breaks out destroying the shop. Soon Barbabus arrives, selling some of his plants to a local potions shop and helps Feather and Phex. They interview a couple of shop owners, and after using magic, find that a lady at the potions shop was forced to help the dark wizards. Feather extracts her memories and finds that they are looking for a book called the Arcanum.

The Arcanum is a magical book dealing with blood magic that was separated into three pieces, one of which is kept at the Department of Magical Affairs. Soon the lady dies due to a curse put on her not to reveal any information. Knowing this, they had to Bob’s shop as it was attacked to inquire about the book. Soon they learn his part of the book he sold to Phex as she wanted a potion out of it. They head back to Phex’s where they agree to give the book to Barnabus and have their memories altered so they will not remember he has the book.

Soon Feather and Phex are called back into the Department of Magical Affairs to talk to Sebastian about their futures as Aurors. While meeting with Sebastian, dark wizards and vampires break their the protection spells and take the building by storm. Feather and Phex fight their way to the vault with the help of Sebastian. Only to see the dark wizard and a elder vampire walk out of the broken vault and get away with the part of the book that was hidden in the Department of Magical Affairs.

After this battle, Sebastian clears Feather and Phex of all charges as the new evidence, and their help in the battle, proves their actions were justified in New Orleans.

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