1.04 – Blood Ties

After arriving by port key in New Orleans, Feather, Phex, and Barnabas take shelter in an wizard inn called The Withered Wand.  In the morning they setup a game plan to investigate the location where the other Aurors went missing, as well as the alley they wound up in.  Soon they find the bodies of the missing Aurors, drained of blood, as well as a vampire run bar right next to the alley the appeared in.  After some detective work, and a stop at a new Orleans wizard shop called Hinkel’s, they attacked by a group of vampires later that night.  The next day they go back to the bar only to discover more vampires, this time asleep, as well as the missing girls from Missouri.  Feather and Phex, with the help of Barnabas, get the girls out then set fire to the building with the vampires inside.  Using floo powder, they take the muggle girls back to Barnabas’ home in Missouri.  And are then ordered back to New York for a debriefing with Captain McCulley.

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