1.01 – Web of Lies

Feather and Phex are teamed up by the Department of Magical Affairs under Captain McCulley.  They are sent to New Mexico to investigate a series of child aabductionsthat they believe are due to an Acromantulas reserve located just outside of the town.  When they get there they discover the magical barrier to the Acromantula reserve has been moved.  After encountering more raiding Acromantulas, they go down to the reserve and talk to their queen.  There they discover a wizard pretending to be with the Department of Magical Affairs has moved their boundary in return for the help of the Acromantulas help to abduct children.  Feather and Phex fix the boundary and lay in wait for the wizard, when he appears they are able to subdue him, but not before another dark wizard appears and kills his comrade, making sure to keep their secrets from Feather and Phex.

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