Energy Blade

Level: 2 This spell allows the caster to absorb a nearby source of energy, such as light or fire, and have it shape into a […]

Shrinking Charm

Level: 3 The Shrinking Charm (Reducio) is a charm that enables a witch or wizard to decrease the apparent physical size of the target, both […]

Engorgement Charm

Level: 3 The Engorgement Charm (Engorgio) is a charm that causes the target to swell immensely If the caster attempts to engorge the target beyond […]

Protego Singulis

Level: 2 This spell casts a protective barrier around the target that prevents most spells and damage to hit them.  It is much like the […]

Tattoo Transfiguration

Level: 4 This spell when cast on an item, turns the item into a black smokey substance, that will then fly and reshape itself onto […]

Reshape Object

Level: 3 This spell when cast, can turn an object into the form of another. However, the material of the object and its mass does […]

Protean Charm

Level: 5 The Protean Charm is a charm that links several objects together through a common purpose.  Any changes made to one of the objects, […]

Bubble Trap

Level: 4 This spell causes the target to become imprisoned in a floating bubble with the strength of steel. They are unable to casts spells […]

Throw Back Curse

Level: 6 This spell delivers a punch to the target. While it only inflicts Willpower (doubled) points of damage per Success Level, it also throws […]

Silence Charm

Level: 3 This spell silences all sound in an area of about 2-10 people, and will last 1 minute per success level. This is very […]

Amplify Charm

Level: 1 The Amplifying Charm is a charm that can be used to amplify the targeted sound. Most particularly, it is useful for amplifying one’s […]

Send by Raven

Level: 4 This spell allows the caster to turn a small object (no bigger than a brief case) into a raven. The raven will then […]