1.11 – End to Magic

Feather and Phex recover from their last encounter with Azriel and Barnabus.  Soon Phex finds she is vulnerable to sunlight and can only find some […]

1.10 – Vampire Vendetta

Feather and Phex are sent to Seattle to investigate the disappearance of all the occupants of an apartment building. Soon they find themselves overwhelmed by […]

1.09 – The Seer

Feather and Phex are assigned to accompany a train carrying a “precious cargo” that cannot be transported by magical means from New York to California. […]

1.08 – The Magician

Feather and Phex are sent to Las Vegas to investigate recent sightings of zombies, or inferi.  They are also told to check up on a […]

1.07 – No Place Like Home

Barnabus returns to New York and tracks down Phex.  Meanwhile Feather gets contacted by her family’s house elf, Bruno, to let her know her parents […]

1.06 – Contraband

While the Department of Magical Affairs is rebuilt after the attack from the dark wizards and vampires, Captain McCulley assigns Feather and Phex to a […]

1.05 – Internal Affairs

Feather and Phex are monitored after internal affairs becomes suspicious of how they handled the vampires in New Orleans. An agent named Sebastian, is assinged […]

1.03 – Carnival of Chaos

Feather and Phex are sent to New Orleans to investigate the disappearance of two Aurors.  They make a stop in a small town in Missouri […]

1.04 – Blood Ties

After arriving by port key in New Orleans, Feather, Phex, and Barnabas take shelter in an wizard inn called The Withered Wand.  In the morning […]

1.02 – Christmas Elves

Feather and Phex are sent to investigate the disappearances of several house elves in New York City.  They soon discover the house elves are being […]

1.01 – Web of Lies

Feather and Phex are teamed up by the Department of Magical Affairs under Captain McCulley.  They are sent to New Mexico to investigate a series […]